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 Welcome to the Event Management Specialist - for Birthday parties, Engagements, Weddings to Corporate events; bringing you quality and style with dedication and care in planning, designing and organising your special occasion.  We love to deliver a truly memorable experience for our clients ensuring you, your family, friends and guests enjoy your event with total peace of mind.

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Let us take away the stress of organising your event for you; freeing you up to get on with your daily life matters and routine and of course enjoy your occasion.   Click here: Please help me with my event


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Our Mission:

'To make your occasion special and memorable'

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Why choose us?
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Personal Touch
Friendly with care and attention from concept to planning to the event and after sales service
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Using expertise and contacts in putting together your event
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Value for Money
Planning effectively to maximise your budget
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Track Record
Many delighted customers with 85% recommendations & referrals
                      II RAM II                                                  Call us: 020 7183 8020