EMC tasty Cup cakes & maccaroons

Catering is one of the top 3 important things in any event (in addition to the people and the venue) because 93% of guests discuss the food, good bad or indifferent.

At EMS, we pride ourselves in working with reputable and professional caterers that deliver high on quality, taste & choice.

Our proven approach is in understanding client requirements and then using our experience, knowledge and carefully chosen catering companies, offering suggestions and options to suit most tastes from traditional to fusion foods. We generally offer a food sampling service for you to know exactly what will be served and how it will taste.

We offer choices of International foods such as English, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese etc.  See below sample menu options. We are specially sensitive to dietary requirements such as for Eggless cakes or vegetarian needs. You can of course customise the menu for your event, just let us know your requirements.


Menu Selection & Options

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Samosa - General & Punjabi style - Freshly spiced vegetables stuffed in a triangular pasty, fried till golden brown

Kachori - Peas Round pastry, filled with spicy minced peas, fried until golden brown

Kachori - Daal Round pastry, filled with spicy minced daal, fried until golden brown

Dokhla - Steamed Gujarati Snack made using semolina

Patra - Rolled and steamed Colocassia leaves smeared with a sweet, spicy and tangy gram flour paste

Crispy Bhajiya - Wafer thin potato slices fried in a flavoursome chickpea batter

Daal Bhajiya - Deep fried lentil batter mixed with ginger, garlic and spices

Onion Bhajiya - Deep fried in batter with spices

Paneer Bhajiya - Deep fried in batter with spices

Khandvi - chickpea rolls. Made using chickpea flour and yoghurt flavoured with spiced green chillies, coconut grates and coriander leaves

Farrari Cutlets - Made from mogo (Cassava) and deep fried

Aloo Tikki - Light potato cakes

Spring rolls - Pastry filled with vegetable fillings to suit

Khichi - A Gujarati delicacy; spicy steamed rice flour dough. Served with oil and masala.

Salads from selection


Mogo & Chips

Potato Chips - Plain, fried with salt to taste

Chilli Chips - Chips tossed in spicy schezwan sauce

Masala Chips - Paneer chilli style. Cassava Chips tossed in tangy chinese sauce

Fried Mogo chips - Cassava chips Sprinkled with chilli powder, salt and lemon upon

Pilli Pilli Mogo - Boiled or fried Cassava, drizzled with garlic sauce

Chilli Mogo - cripsy fried cassava chips tossed in a spicy schezwan sauce

Mogo Ho Ho - Paneer chilli style; crispy fried cassava chips tossed in tangy Chinese sauce

Mogo Crisps - Thin deep fried Cassava crisps

 Chaat Dishes

Bhel - Savoury snack made with puffed rice, crushed puri and vegetables mixed in a tangy and sweet tamarind sauce

Pani Puri - Also known as gol guppa. Crispy semolina puris filled with pani (refreshing mint and cumin water), tangy tamarind chutney, chickpeas and onions.

Papdi Chaat - Potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and crunchy house papdi (wheat) dressed with yoghurt and tangy sweet and spicy chutneys.

Dahi Puri - Crispy semolina puris filled with chickpeas and onions, dressed with sweetened yoghurt and homemade chutneys.

Sev Puri - Flat puris topped with chickpeas, potatoes and onions, garnished with crunchy nylon sev and drizzled with garlic and green chutney.

Dahi Wada - Lentil dumplings dunked in creamy sweetened yoghurt topped with spicy and sweet chutneys.

Samosa Chaat - Samosas topped with onions, potatoes, creamy sweet yoghurt and spicy and sweet chutneys.

Mixed Chaat - Samosas, idlis, and puris topped with onions, potatoes, creamy sweet yoghurt and spicy and sweet chutneys.



Dosa & Uttappam

The most famous South Indian Treat – a thin and crispy savoury pancake made from lentils and rice

Masala Dosa - Thin and crispy Dosa stuffed with a tasty potato and onion bhaji.

Mysore Masala Dosa (spicy) - Spread with chutney and stuffed with a spicy potato and onion bhaji.

Plain Dosa - or Create your own; Choose toppings: Cheese, Onions, Red/Green capsicums, Green chillies, Sweet corn, Coriander, Tomato.

All Dosas are served with our Sambhar and Coconut Chutney and also available with no onions.

Uttappam - The Indian Pizza! Slow cooked South Indian pancake made from a rice and lentil batter. Healthy and wholesome!

Create your own Uttapam by choosing your toppings: Cheese, Onions, Red/Green capsicums, Green chillies, Sweet corn, Coriander, Tomato.

Idli - Steamed rice and lentil cakes served with our homemade Sambhar and Coconut Chutney. Vegan and gluten free; healthy and wholesome; perfect for the calorie conscious.



Pau Bhaji - Mish mash of steamed vegetables, cooked in a spicy tomato and onion gravy, served with hot buttered pav, diced onions, coriander and a slice of lemon.

Puri Bhaji - Fried puris (wheatflour bread) served with a potato and onion bhaji.

Aloo curry - Potato curry.

Aloo Baigan - Potato & Aubergine curry.

Veg Jalfrezi - Spicy veg curry cooked in masala sauce.

Mutter Masala - Pea curry

Channa Masala - Chick pea curry

Mutter Paneer - Pea and paneer curry

Palak Paneet - Spinach & paneer curry

Mixed veg curry

Sweetcorn & Cashew Nut curry

Kidney Beans curry

Aloo Gobi - Potato & Cauliflower curry.

Chole Batura - Spicy tangy chickpea curry served with deep fried round baturas.

Stir fried Aubergine - served in a spicy Chinese sauce

Veg Biryani - Chopped fresh vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato gravy served with rice and raita (yoghurt).

Farrari Shaak (curry) - Pan fried potatoes with peanuts, jeera and coarse black pepper. Served with plain yoghurt.

Yellow Daal - Slow cooked spicy lentils.

Sambhar Daal - South Indian slow cooked lentil stew with carrots, potatoes, drumsticks and ladies fingers.

Tadka Daal - Lentils cooked with spices & garlic.

Kadhi - Yogurt based light gravy type dish.



Chilli Paneer - Classic Indo Chinese Dish – inspired by Asian spices using Indian ingredients. Deep fried chunks of paneer sautéed in a tangy chinese sauce.

Hakka Noodles - Pan fried noodles tossed with vegetables in a mild chinese sauce.

Schezwan Noodles (spicy) - Pan fried noodles tossed with vegetables in a spicy schezwan sauce.

Triple Hakka Noodles - Pan fried rice and noodles with a selection of vegetables (cauliflower, babycorn, cabbage, spinach) tossed in a tangy chinese sauce.

Chow Chow - A fried rice with a selection of vegetables (cauliflower, babycorn, cabbage, spinach) tossed in a tangy Chinese sauce.

Chow Mein - Pan fried noodles with a selection of vegetables (cauliflower, babycorn, cabbage, spinach) tossed in a tangy Chinese sauce.

Schezwan Paneer (spicy) - Fiery indo Chinese dish! Deep fried chunks of paneer sautéed in a spicy schezwan sauce.

Veg Manchurian (Served dry or as a curry) - Deep fried minced vegetable balls made with fresh herbs and spices. Served dry or tossed in a tangy Indo-Chinese sauce. Perfect dish to accompany Hakka noodles or fried Rice.

Chilli Mushroom - Indo chinese dish of tasty stir fried mushrooms in a spicy and tangy chinese sauce.



Plain Rice

Jeera Rice

Mixed veg Rice

Pillau Rice

Veg Biriyani

Fried Rice - stir fried Rice with mixed vegetables




Paratha - Plain or Stuffed

Chappati – Standard, Rumali


Plain Naan

Garlic Naan

Chilli Naan

Garlic Chilli Naan

Plain or Masala Papad

Green Salad - Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion. Lentil Salad- chicpeas, sweetcorn, kidney beans, black channa and coriander dressed in a light dressing.



Paneer Chilli Wrap - Chinese flavoured paneer chunks tossed in green chillies, peppers and spring onions served in a wrap with garlic and tomato chutney dressing.

Falafal Wrap - Wrap in Rumali rotli or Paratha or Naan type bread.

Vada Pav - Fried spiced potato filling in a bun and garnished with a selection chutneys.

Dabeli - Spicy potato masala in a bun with roasted peanuts and crunchy sev, garnished with a selection of chutneys.

Bombay Club Sandwich - The classic street food snack – potato, onion, tomato, and cucumber served in 3 layers of bread slapped with homemade chutney in toasted bread.

Bombay Sandwich - Untoasted sandwich with green chutney, potatoes and onions.

Freshly Made Sandwiches to suit

Veg Burger - The perfect Indian burger! Homemade burger patty served with salad, onions and tasty chutneys.



Large Selection of Cakes - (chocolate, Black Forest, Fruit cake, Ginger cake any many more) plus Muffins, Cup cakes, Macaroons, Doughnuts.

Gajar Halwa

Dhilo Mohanthaar

Gulab Jamun


Mango Rus – Pulp

Ras Malai



Fresh Fruit salad


Ice Cream (70 flavours selection).



Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate, Pan, Mix Mukhwas, Mint


Bon Appetit



EMC Hot Bhajiya



chafing dish heaters



Dosa, crispy savory pancake from South India



Thailand dessert made from fruits in the buffet line.



EMC Masala mogo chips



EMC Gulab Jamun



Chocolate fountain and fruit dessert






Healthy option


Taco - Fusion Foods



Tofu wraps - fusion foods



Hot tasty pizza